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John Andrew Hughes is a Photojournalist and Social Documentary Photographer, hoping to influence or effect change in our world, one image at a time.
John began photographing at an early age when his parents handed him a camera and appointed him as the family photographer. He attained a GCE in photography in Southern England and later completed a four-year apprenticeship with the renowned press photographer Charles R. Cramp FRPS FMPA ABIPP.
The streets of London were a wonderful training ground for a young photographer and for John it was the center of the universe. The major newspapers of the day were centralized and within easy walking distance, running, if you had a scoop. Early risers could witness the delivery of huge rolls of paper, with only two or three able to fit on a flatbed truck. He remembers the sunrise hustle, the smells. The early morning coffee shop and maybe a sausage roll or bacon sandwich to start the day. Shafts of morning light would penetrate from each side street until it finally rounded the corners as the day progressed. Canon camera in hand, John would head out on the days adventures. Those days, slow and frustrating, crazy and fast, and on at least one occasion, that excited telephone call to a newspaper picture editor, "Hold the front page".
During his time in England John was fortunate enough to be published in nearly every major London newspaper and since then has regularly appeared in prestigious U.S. and International magazines. John relocated to the United States in 1994, working out of Las Vegas, Nevada and would like to be recognized for his Social Documentary style of photography. In 2010 he was honored by being chosen as one of only 60 photographers throughout the World contributing images to the monthly ‘Latitude’ magazine, published by ‘The Collective Publishing House’.
John’s assignments have taken him around our globe several times. His most recent travels have included Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, Russia and the Middle East. John’s work appears in salons and exhibitions worldwide.


Photographic Society of America -  Early Achievement Award
International Exhibitions - 1 Medal - 9 Honorable Mentions - 37 Acceptances
International Exhibitions - 1 Medal - 8 Honorable Mentions - 65 Acceptances
International Salons - 5 Honorable Mentions - 31 Acceptances
International Salons - 46 Acceptances
International Salons - 9 Acceptances
2008 'Street Child Bolivia' POTD Award


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